I had an interview for an internship program today (January 23rd), and during the interview I told my interviewers what I like, and what I’m passionate about. I enjoy writing very much and I’m passionate about it, and I’m good at it. I’ve had this passion for words ever since I was young but I lost my way and I’m finding it again. I realized I could use my English degree for more than being a teacher (my Mom wants me to be a teacher), I could use it to get into a career in writing. Coming to this realization didn’t happen over night, of course. I had to go through life and learn about myself (I’m not going to bore you with my life story). My ultimate goal is to publish a novel and be on the New York Time’s Best Sellers list. But while I’m working on that I’ll be working on this blog, too, posting short stories, movie reviews, music reviews, T.V show reviews, and other content I create. I’m a creator. Anyways, one of my interviewers suggested that I make a blog, and post content to it ASAP, so I can have a portfolio to show potential future employers. I always knew that making a blog is what I’d end up doing but I never had the drive to want to create it, or I was nervous about sharing my work, and it took that whole experience for me to actually do it. And I need to keep it up, that way I can be doing what I like all the time. And not wasting time. So that is what I’m doing and if I’m the only person who reads my blog that’s fine, because I’m not doing this for anyone other than myself. But I hope I get a lot of readers eventually. This is Everything I Am.

I’ll end the Intro with a quote: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” – Professor Dumbledore.



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  1. A great beginning, I know that you love to write bot this initiative is excellent. You are off to a fantastic start. I can’t wait to read more…


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