I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Migos, and after hearing the collab albums they dropped last year, like ‘Without Warning’ (Offset & 21 Savage) and ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ (Quavo & Travis Scott) plus all that nonsense with Takeoff and Cardi B (who I cannot stand), I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to ‘Culture II’. But usually, rappers main albums are better than their side projects, and I remembered that ‘Culture’ was a decent album, and even though I got tired of it after less than five plays, it had a few fire songs. Everyone knows ‘Bad and Boujee’.

Anyways, I decided to give it a listen but seeing that it had 24 tracks, and is 1h 45min long, was disappointing already because that’s way too many songs for an album. I pressed play, nonetheless. After the first song, ‘Higher We Go (Intro)’ I wasn’t surprised; It was a typical Migos track, a cool beat, repetitive hooks, and the usual wild adlibs. The verses were what you’d expect, too. Nothing that blew you away, but it was listenable. The second track ‘Supastars’ was much of the same. ‘Narcos’, the third song, also sounds like what you’d expect. The Spanish tunes sounds like what you’d hear in the Netflix Orginal show with the same name. Of course, Pablo, the king himself, is referenced. After 3 songs, I knew how the rest of the album would sound: like Migos. 

There are All Star and Superstar features on ‘Culture II’. I was definitely excited to hear Drake on the 6ixth track ‘Walk It Talk It’. Drake killed his verse as usual and it makes sense that he’s on a song rapping about not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Kanye West has production credits on ‘BBO (Bad Bitches Only)’ Featuring 21 Savage, and that is a stand out song, too, although 21 is only on the hook. I just wish that Yeezy had a verse. In a recent interview, Quavo says that he got production lessons from Kanye West himself, and it’s noticeable on ‘Auto Pilot (Huncho on the Beat)’ (Quavo might need a better producer adlib, though). Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Post Malone, and 2 Chainz are also feature on the 24 track ‘Culture II’. I was looking forward to seeing if Travis Scott (who I’m a big fan of) and Big Sean could redeem themselves after slacking on their respective collab albums ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ with Quavo, and Big Sean’s Double or Nothing with Metro Boomin’. In my opinion their song on ‘Culture II’ titled ‘White Sand’ is better than every song on either of those collab albums, so I was happy about that. If I’m being unbiased I’d say that MotorSport with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B sounds acceptable (boy, it’s tough giving Cardi B credit) but really, I wouldn’t choose to listen to it, MotorSport. ‘Notice Me’ with Post Malone sounds typical to Migos and Post, nothing out of the ordinary. ‘Too Playa’ with 2 Chainz is the last song with a feature on the album and I’d say it’s stand out song to me. I like the DJ Durel & Quavo produced beat, and 2 Chainz delivers a solid verse. 

All in all, ‘Culture II’ was what I expected it would be, not worse, not better. It has strong beats and reliable features. Not sure I will listen to all 24 songs ever again, but there are a few songs I’d for sure want to listen to more than once. I’ll give ‘Culture II’ 6.5/10 or 3/5 and I will add it to Apple Music. 

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