It’s been a long while since I posted a playlist, but I decided to share these two ones I made earlier this year.

The first playlist I posted to my blog was all about my mindset for 2018 and so far I’ve been Living the Life, enjoying everyday, and only going upwards. All positive vibes.  But with the weather getting a lot better now, it’s all about being outside and enjoying it. What goes well with good weather? Good herbs. Yeah, I’m talking about marijuana. It’s always nice to have a joint while you’re going for a walk in the park, or sitting outside in your backyard, or walking around the city. To be honest, it’s always nice to have a joint, but when the weather is great, too, that makes it even better.

From the time I posted The Mindset for 2018 to now, I’ve went through a change; I started using Spotify. I don’t know which is better between Apple Music and Spotify, but they both have benefits.

Let’s get to the music, though:

The first playlist I made to listen to while high is on Apple Music, and it’s called ‘waaAAAVVVVYYyyy’. When I created this playlist I pictured myself on the beach, laying on my back in the ocean, with my eyes closed, with the music being the water flowing me all around, carrying my away. I took some real time to make this playlist, and a fact is that it is a masterpiece; I could burn a copies and sell it, but you’re getting it free.

waaAAAVVVVVYYyyy Playlist

The second playlist I made to listen to while high is on Spotify and that one’s called ‘A Storm of Herbs’. I tried to think of a great name for it and the one I chose was a really good title, if I do say so myself. It’s inspired by the book ‘A Storm of Swords’; book number 3 in the A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series. Al though this one is also a masterpiece, it’s not as specific, it’s storm of songs to listen to when theres a storm of herbs approaching.

A Storm of Herbs

My taste in music in impeccable and I know how to make sensational playlists because I love doing it. I’m about to fire up and play one of these. You should, too. Enjoy.


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