As if last week wasn’t enough, we get more new music this week. I should specify; we get more new music from Kanye West. Tomorrow! This time with Kid Cudi. Jeeeeez. KIDS SEE GHOSTS has been a long time coming; not just since Kanye West tweeted that it’d be out June 8th, but ever since these two stars started making music together, and today, we finally get it. 2018. My favorite song with Kanye West and Kid Cudi is ‘Gorgeous’, but it’s powerful tough to decide on just one favorite. There was a time recently when both Kanye West and Kid Cudi were going through mental health issues, both were admitted into hospitals. There were also rumors that Kanye’s and Cudi’s relationship wasn’t going so great because of some things that Kanye said, but those rumors were quickly exterminated when Kanye came out on stage during a Kid Cudi performance. Those two could never not be friends.

On ye, we heard ‘Ghost Town’ (which is conveniently playing as I type this), and if that song is a preview of what KIDS SEE GHOSTS will sound like then we are in for another shock. Did y’all here those laser beam sounds during 070 Shake’s holy verse? We’re on a Ultralight Beam into the future. Which is now.

It was really unbelievable watching the KIDS SEE GHOSTS live stream last night; once again, hearing more music from my idol, mixed in with the shock of my favorite sports team, the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. I got pretty emotional, not going to lie; what an amazing life. Anyways, like I said, the live stream was awesome, but this morning it wasn’t on any streaming services until around 11, so we were stuck with listening to it from the live stream until then.

Then I hit play with the speed of light.

Just like the first two projects out of Wyoming; DAYTONA and yeKIDS SEE GHOSTS has 7 songs and runs for a rapid 23 minutes.

Pusha T? Yes, Pusha T opens KIDS SEE GHOSTS on the first song “Feel The Love”. What a pleasant surprise. Pusha T delivers one more diabolical verse before Kanye and Cudi take the light. I’m sure that Kanye and Cudi let Pusha T start the album so he could assert himself again, and give us another heavy but clean, vegetarian verse. He came in, did his business on the mic, and cut; It’s dead.

Now to the main event: On “Feel The Love”, the first track, Pusha T raps over a menacing beat. A beat that sounds like something terrifying is about to happen. In this case, it’s beautifully terrifying; chop master Ye switches the beat to something straight out of a military movie made in the 4th dimension and when Pusha is finished killing the beat, Kanye jumps in right away goes H.A.M, yelling sounds and random words, to me, imitating the sound an AR makes over the highly intense beat. SHOTS! Kid Cudi, repeating “I can still feel the love” during Kanye’s severe shouts, adds sweet melodies until Kanye changes the beat again to close the song out as Kid Cudi delivers a sacred outro.

Everyone has seen Django, I’m sure. As soon as the second song, “Fire”, started playing, Django is what I thought of first. Once again, a beat you can hear only on a Kanye / Kanye Produced album starts playing. It sounds as if Kanye and Cudi are marching along in a slave convoy, with their chains rattling to a western cowboy beat and a clean bass line. Kanye raps first, and this time he’s rapping. He’s rapping about those people who continuously doubt him, for some reason they still do, it’s okay, though; as you hear in “Fire” Kanye welcomes it now. After he finishes his verse a silky flute joins the beat and leads us into Kid Cudi’s verse where he raps about the similar subject; Hcould’ve been down and out months ago, when he had to be in the hospitals care and Even though, for a while, he was out, he definitely heard what everyone said about him. On “Fire” Cudi lets them know that. Kid Cudi has never really rapped aggressively, though, and again, he closes the song out flaw-free.

“4th Dimension” is the 3rd song on KIDS SEE GHOSTS. This song is wickedly stunning; when I heard it playing during the live stream for the first time, I was wondering how Kanye would make this sample switch up. I definitely lost my mind when that switch finally happened, it’s amazing how he thinks of these spectacular sounds to make with his bare hands and his mind. The sample he uses in “4th Dimension” is supposed to be from a joyful Christmas song called “What Will Santa Claus Say?” by Louis Prima, but Kanye turns it into a hellacious, dark beat. Kanye and Cudi have different sounding verses on this song, Kanye is wilding out, Cudi is rapping therapeutically over that. same. beat. This song is called “4th Dimension” because where else could they have been to make this?

The 4th song “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)” is a clear continuation of what many believe to be the best song off ye “Ghost Town”. On “Freeee” Kanye, Cudi, and frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign go to work for one verse, explaining that they are free. What does free mean to you? They rap over a wide variety of instruments, like they’re in a rock band. The only band member missing from this song is 070 Shake but I figured it would be too much because she’s been on several songs already. Even though she could’ve easily been put on “Freeee” and no one would’ve complained. “Freeee” is a great lead up to “Reborn”, the 5th song. “Reborn” is an exquisite song about the incredible journey of achieving a rebirth. The way it seems from the outside is that it’s as easy as drawing a monster reborn card and playing it. As we’ve heard, though, it is most certainly not easy. Kanye and Cudi let us know how they feel, why they feel like that, and what they did to overcome their overwhelming thoughts full of pain, stress, and paranoia.

“Kids See Ghosts” is the penultimate song on KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Mos Def helps Kanye and Cudi create vibes that sounds like they just landed in a Ghost Town in the 4th Dimension and Mos Def is their tour guide, someone who already experienced what these two just went through, and escaped. As Cudi and Kanye explore the Ghost Town their thoughts are turned to verses; imagine them breaking out into rap like it was High School Musical, but they’re not actually; they’re only thinking while Mos Def is leading them. Thoughts=Verses.

And we made it to the last song on KIDS SEE GHOSTS, “Cudi Montage”. There couldn’t have been a better end to this album than this song, an inspirational, motivational, encouraging tune set to peaceful guitar strokes and magical melodies. Mr. Hudson, who often collaborated with Kanye West joins him and Cudi to close this out. He uses his mighty vocals to already strong vocals from Cudi and Kanye to make this the perfect outro. Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Mr. Hudson tell us to stay strong as their voices fade, entering the Ghost Town, where they were dying to be.

I took forever to write about KIDS SEE GHOSTS because I was reeling all day, and I couldn’t be inside writing by myself; I wanted to be outside enjoying the day, listening to KIDS SEE GHOSTS throughout. This album is obviously a 10/10 and is my favorite project to release from Wyoming. Try listening to this album on a different wave; I’m going to try to, then write a part two explaining what KIDS SEE GHOSTS  means to me.




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