‘LIVING THE LIFE’ is a series of four more short stories that take place in the year 2020 in a fictional State named Callisto located in the Northern part of the United States. In Callisto, life is the same, yet different, because no one outside the State really understands anything about what actually goes on here. Along with the location; the characters, events, and conversations, are completely made up and you’re not meant to find morals, or meanings, or signs; But neither I, nor anyone else, can tell you what you think. Here we catch up with our characters, still driving towards their first delivery.


They’d been driving for around an hour now. Jackson tore down the wide open highway at almost five in the morning. The sun was just beginning to rise and according to the gps, they had half an hour to go. Jonathan was wide awake in the passenger seat, enjoying the music that Jackson was playing through the auxiliary cord.

From the time they left Alonzo’s house to where we see them now, Jonathan and Jackson didn’t really talk much, or get to know each other; they were mostly talking about where they were going and Jonathan was showing his excitement every minute by saying things like “I can’t believe it, we have a copious amount of weed here.” Or, “Everything in my life must have led up to right now, Jackson!” Jackson wasn’t very talkative, though, and eventually Jonathan became bored and just chilled. Jackson put on some good music and here we are.

“You know what I just thought of?” Jonathan asked.

Jackson sighed. Then briefly looked at Jonathan then back to the road.

“You know everything about how I ended up here, but I don’t know how you ended up here.”

“If I wanted you to know, you’d know.”

“We’re partners now, though. Like real partners, like those cop movies, like Pusha and Kanye on Daytona; we’re about to do some crazy shit.”

“Facts. You’re right, we are about to do some crazy shit, eh?”

Jonathan still looked at Jackson to see if he was going to elaborate. Nothing. “I mean, yeah. We are but-”

“Let’s see how this first delivery goes, but don’t ask me again; I’ll tell you when I tell you.”

Jonathan shook his head, and even though they never turned the music down to have that conversation, Jonathan turned the volume up, feeling a little salty. Why’s everyone so secretive? Jonathan just liked getting to know people; he told them about himself, but no one says anything about themselves. Maybe they wouldn’t be friends after all. He was there to make money anyways, not friends. Jonathan decided that he definitely wouldn’t ask Jackson anymore questions.

Talk about overreacting.

Jackson, who up to this point was completely oblivious to Jonathan’s attitude, looked to see if anyone was coming up behind him before exiting off the highway. When he noticed Jonathan’s upset face, he chuckled and said to relax.

Now that they were off the highway, Jackson turned the AC down, and fully opened the windows. They found themselves driving on a narrow road, on the outskirts of Callisto, also known as the middle of nowhere, but this was where the gps led them. Jackson told Jonathan to look out for anything because they were getting close.

“I see something ahead,” said Jonathan. “Looks like a mail box. See it?”

“Yeah, I see it.” Jackson sped up a bit. The bright blue mail box had 70823 painted on it. Then they saw a makeshift driveway that led to an abandoned house.

This was the place.

Jackson made a smooth left turn on to the driveway and drove by a row of lush trees, which led to the back of the shady house. Both of them were in shock when they saw a G Wagon, a Tesla, and a Wrangler. Jackson parked the Tahoe right beside the G Wagon; Jonathan was grateful they rolled up in a nice ride. He wanted to drive it, though. Nonetheless, he jumped out and flanked Jackson to the door.

“Oh yeah, Jonathan. Don’t ask questions.” Jackson knocked emphatically.

They heard shuffling around inside almost right away, and they were grateful for that; at almost 6 in the morning, they were going without much sleep and it was beginning to catch up to them. Especially Jackson, who was driving for two and a half hours.

A tall, solid young man, who looked like he was Jonathan’s age, opened the door. They noticed three other young guys in the background packing things away, and take out a huge bong.

“What’s up y’all? Here with our order bright and early, I appreciate it.”

“No problem, it was a nice drive,” said Jackson.

“I know, you guys find it okay?”

“Yeah, we did, but how did you find this place?”

The young man didn’t answer Jonathan. Jackson looked at Jonathan and shook his head.

Jonathan made a facial expression that said ‘That counts as a question?’

“Ay, y’all, lets get our material inside,” said the young man looking behind him. He looked back to the boys. “You guys don’t have to touch anything.”

The three fella’s on the couches got up and made their way to the door. Jackson pressed a button on the keys and the trunk swung open, revealing an imaginary golden aura around the treasure inside. The young mans friends grabbed the pounds of weed and the hefty duffle bag full of weapons.

While that was going on, the young man handed Jackson a brown paper envelope. Jackson put it inside his pocket and Jonathan watched it was glittery eyes until it was out of sight.

By the time all that happened, everything was successfully transferred to the shack, which, on the inside, looked like a luxury living room.

“Remember,” the young man said. “Get rich or die trying.” Then he shut the door, leaving Jackson and Jonathan outside under the rising morning sun.

“They didn’t even have the decency to offer us a hit.” Jonathan kicked the dirt and they turned toward the Tahoe.

“So why could’t I ask them questions?” Jonathan asked when they were inside. Jackson started the engine and began driving out of 70823.

“Why do you think, man?”

“Uhhhh. See, I don’t know, that’s why I asked. I was taught to question everything.”

Jackson shook his head but smirked. “It’s not that deep, man, for godsake, we delivered all that equipment to them; you think they have time to answer questions?”

“I suppose I should mind my business; I just like knowing the answers to my questions.”

“Don’t worry, you did well, you can knock for our next delivery. “

That made Jonathan grin. “Thanks, Jackson. That reminds me, was that our dough in the envelope?”

“Oh yeah!” Jackson nearly swerved off the road, reaching into his pocket for the envelope. He pulled it out and tossed it over to Jonathan. He opened the seal and pulled out Benjamins. A load of benjis.


“And there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Jonathan couldn’t stop smiling, and it was definitely a fact that smiling was contagious, because Jackson was genuinely smiling, too.

They suddenly heard a strange noise, it sounded like growling.

“What was that?” Jackson said, looking around the back of the Tahoe to see if a wolf might’ve jumped in the trunk when they were parked at 70823.

“That was my stomach.”

“Oh man, let’s get something to eat, I’m starving too.”

Jonathan and Jackson decided on eating breakfast at a Denny’s back in the city; Jonathan was enjoying two delicious plates of French toast and blueberry pancakes. Jackson had one full plate of scrambled eggs, another plate full of Italian sausages, and a third plate for one giant waffle. They were having a breakfeast. Once their food came they stopped chatting. When I say they were starving; believe me. They’d been talking about music and what albums they were looking forward to. Since the fall of rap superstar Drake, a new star appeared out of Toronto; The Beast, he was both their favourite rappers, and his first album was supposed to be out later this summer.

Jackson felt his phone vibrate on his lap and peeped down to check in-between bites. It was Alonzo.

“We should get going,” Jackson said. He wiped his mouth off and dropped his cloth on the table to show he was finished.

“Now?” Jonathan said with his mouth still full.

“Yeah, Alonzo texted me. We got another order ready to deliver. He didn’t give me details, so don’t ask.”

“That’s cool. Lemme just ask for a box to put my leftovers in.”

“Leftovers?” Jackson dropped a bill on the table. “We don’t eat leftovers ‘round here. See this money we’re making?”

The face that Jonathan was giving Jackson showed that his mind was blown. “You’re right. These waitresses are going to be so stoked when they see their tip.”

It didn’t take long for them to get to the house. Alonzo quickly answered the door, holding a brown paper bag in his other hand. He waved them in, indicating that they were in a rush. They followed Alonzo through the house and into the backyard. Jonathan was wondering what surprise they were in for this time. He couldn’t really see anything to deliver when they emerged from the house to the backyard; it looked the same as it did the night before, minus the Tahoe, weed, and guns.

“So, where is it?” Asked Jackson.

Alonzo looked at Jackson like ‘check this out’, then he handed him the brown paper bag that he was holding the entire time. Jackson opened it and grinned.

“What is it?”

Jackson stuck his hand inside and pulled out small plastic bags; they were like dime bags, but instead these had pills and a white powder inside them.

“So the powder’s cocaine. What are the pills?” Asked Jackson.

“They’re LSD. You’re delivering those first, then you’re delivering the cocaine later. Both locations are in the city, unlike the one you did last night. How did that go?”

“We found it pretty easily,” Jackson said. “They live in some type of abandoned house but the inside looks like a hotel. I wonder what they’re gonna do with the guns, though.”

“I’m not concerned, you shouldn’t be either. These don’t have to be delivered until tonight, so you guys can get some sleep and relax. Jonathan, you can go home if you want, and come back but there’s room here obviously.”

“That’s cool, thanks, I’ll stay here and chill with you guys. And sleep, cause I’m dead tired.”

“I can tell. You’ve been unusually quiet,” said Alonzo.

Jonathan nodded.

“You’ve explored the house enough to know you’re way around, right? Go find a room and set yourself up.”

Jonathan said no more before making his exit.

“So how’d he do on his first job?” Alonzo asked when Jonathan was out of sight.

“Fine, it’s really hard to mess up, you know. But he was pretty chill, I told him he could knock on the door for the next delivery.”

“Good to know… good to know we made the right choice. Are you going to get some sleep, too, Jackson?”

“For sure, we’ll do well this summer. And yeah, I gotta sleep for a couple hours at least.”

“It’s all good, I’ll just find something to do until you guys wake up then.”

“Sounds good, Alonzo. Later, then.” And Jackson turned and left.

Nothing worth talking about happened at Alonzo’s house when everyone woke up. They hung out in the same room that they had the interview in during Part 1 for most of the time. They woke up at around four in the afternoon and played on the game consoles, ate a delicious lunch, consisting of burger’s, fries, chicken tenders, and nice sangria’s to wash it down. When they were leaving, Alonzo gave them all the details they needed about where they were going; the first stop was only half an hour away, and he was getting fifty pills of LSD. After that they had to go to an address that Alonzo said he recognized; he said it was for the major condo complex, and they all knew where that was. They were supposed to deliver ten of those dime bags of cocaine to one of the tenants there.

It was after 10:30 at night, and Jackson and Jonathan were enjoying the open road. The difference in dynamics from their first mission to this one was very noticeable. They were laughing, blasting music, just Living The Life without a care in the world. Jackson still didn’t say how he got to be here but Jonathan wasn’t going to ask, he knew he’d find out eventually anyways.

Since the destination for the LSD pills wasn’t far, they were driving on main roads for the whole drive. It was nice, though; there was no traffic, and the traffic lights looked so bright in the dark; it was easy to see geometry by connecting imaginary lines. They were cruising down Santeria Crescent, the street that the customer supposedly lived on, I say supposedly because there weren’t any houses around, only warehouse buildings. They weren’t surprised, after their first drop, they didn’t expect anything. They were looking for number 645, and their eyes were peeled. 621… 636 .. 645. They turned onto a concrete driveway which led to a small parking lot in-front of a rundown strip plaza. Understandably uncomfortable, Jackson was driving as slow as possible; Jonathan was stretching his neck out, checking to make sure they were actually at the right spot, even though the gps was repeating that they were.

“Looks like we’re here,” Jackson said while slowly putting the Tahoe in park.

Jonathan could feel Jackson’s eyes still watching him, but he refused to look back.

“Good thing it’s not my turn to knock,” Jackson said; his face slowly turning into a smirk.

Without saying a word, only sighing, Jonathan grabbed the brown paper bag, opened the door of the Tahoe and got out. He aggressively shut, but not slammed, the door, and brisk walked towards the entrance. He heard the door open and close behind him and turned around to see Jackson walking up. Jonathan didn’t wait up for him, though, he didn’t want Jackson to try to say ‘let a veteran handle this one, you’ll get the next one,’ or something like that, like a concerned older brother. 

But Jackson said it anyways. “Hold on, Jonathan, wait up.”

Jonathan shook his head and reluctantly stopped and waited for Jackson. “What? You told me to go knock. You can go back to the truck.”

“You can.. for the next one, I promise.”

“What’s the difference, though, for real?”

“I’m just getting vibes that are telling me to lead this one again.”

“Well, what if I’m getting vibes that are telling me that I have to lead?”

They were standing out in the middle of the empty parking lot arguing back and forth for some time. Suddenly, a sound in the silent distance made them shut up and freeze. They looked around and saw a figure walking towards them from the door they were supposed to knock on.

“Okay, let me do that talking. Just let me do the talking,” Jackson whispered under his breath.

When the figure was clearly visible, they noticed it was a regular looking man. He was walking with intent and he was holding something.

“State your business or prepare to get blasted!” The man yelled out to them. He revealed the shotgun he was holding and pointed it in the direction of Jackson and Jonathan.

Jonathan dropped the brown paper bag and raised his hands over his head and yelled “I’m innocent!”

Jackson raised his hands slightly, and remained calm in the face of death.

The boys knew it’d be only a misunderstanding so they didn’t seem as serious as you’d expect. The shotgun man, though, didn’t know it was a misunderstanding, so those boys had best start talking.

I repeat! State your business!”

Jackson led the way. “We’re here with your delivery. You ordered LSD, right?”

The shotgun man lowered his weapon. “Yeah, I did. That’s you guys?”

Jonathan finally dropped his hands, and quickly scooped up the brown paper bag.

“That’s us. So let’s make this exchange and we’ll be on our way,” said Jackson. After not wanting Jackson’s help, Jonathan gladly handed Jackson the brown paper bag.

Then the shotgun man pointed his gun at Jackson, and this time he was actually afraid. So was Jonathan.

“Now, hold on, what’s going on here?” Jonathan asked the shotgun man.

“Give me the bag, and get out of here. Right now.”

“Well that’s not going to happen because that’s not how this works.”

“I’ll tell you how this works; you’re going to drop the bag and leave.”

Jonathan grabbed the bag out of Jackson’s hand. The shotgun man flinched at that movement and fired. There was a gasp and then they started running for their lives. Running in all different angles away from the shots and towards the Tahoe. Jackson made it first. He ripped on the handle, opened the door, and started it up as Jonathan came flying in. Jackson hit the gas and sped out of the parking lot, still hearing shots behind them.

Jackson pulled into a park n ride a few miles down and looked at Jonathan who was wincing in pain. The spray from the first shots grazed his arm, and when I say grazed, I mean it was like he tripped on concrete. He was barely hit. Unfortunately, the brown paper bag was lost in the storm. That frustrated them the most because the shotgun man got everything for free; that was a loss of hundreds.

They quickly turned their attention to their next delivery because what happened was now in the past, and it was only money, not like they lost their lives. Since they were already in the parking lot, they decided to catch their breaths.

They stayed in the parking lot for about an hour and a half. Jonathan spent most of the time boasting that he practically got shot and lived to tell the tale; something like 50 Cent. There were rips in Jonathan’s sleeve and a little bit of blood was flowing, but like I said: he was barely hit. They stopped at a local pharmacy and Jonathan bought some medical supplies to fix himself up. They were officially back on track in no time.

They could already see the condo they had to deliver to in the distance; that’s how close they were to it. Jackson told Jonathan to text the next customer to say that they’re on their way.

It was nearly 1 in the morning. They got closer to the condo and the customer still didn’t reply, so they texted her a few more times. Nothing, still, but since they were already so close, they decided to just go and knock on the door.

Jonathan banged on the door relatively hard to make sure he was heard, but he winced a little from the pain in his arm. A few seconds later, they heard footsteps scurrying to the door. A good looking young woman opened up the door.

“Hey! Sorry I missed your messages, I was watching Netflix and just zoned out.”

“Hey, Shirley?” Jonathan said. She nodded. “No problem. I’m Jonathan and this is Jackson. We’re here from Alonzo. We have your order.” Jackson exposed a bit of the package for Shirley to see, and they noticed her eyes glaze over. “You have to pay for it, though.” Jonathan laughed.

“Of course! Come in, come in, it’s just in my bag,” Shirley said.

From past experiences, like experiences from half an hour ago when they were almost killed, they were clearly weary of accepting invites into strangers houses. Jonathan looked at Jackson. Jackson gave him a look in return. Jonathan gave him a look, then they walked into Shirley’s apartment.

“Do you guys want a drink or anything?” She asked them.

“Sure, water’s good. We need to get going, though, to be honest,” said Jonathan.

He saw Shirley reach into her bag and pull out a handful of cash. She laid it down on the table and this time it was their eyes that glazed over. Shirley opened the cupboard and took out a pair of glasses. Jackson gave Jonathan another look and collected the cash off the counter and added it up. It was all there. They gulped down their water and got up right away to leave.

“Nice meeting you! Might see you again in a few months!” Shirley told them, opening the door for them to leave.

Jackson, who didn’t say a word the entire time, glared at Shirley and said, “hope not.”

Jonathan and Jackson were eating breakfast the next morning at around 10 when Alonzo came in and told them some great news. First of all, they decided to tell Alonzo about what happened when they tried dropping off the LSD. No one was mad, but Alonzo promised them he’d get their money from that guy some time. Anyways, there were no more deliveries to be made this weekend and they needed to restock on more inventory. Alonzo said that he did it last time, but since they did a good job plus some just desserts for almost dying, Alonzo said they could go to San Diego to pick up the supplies.

Jonathan and Jackson were actually equally excited this time. Their jaws dropped during their chews, revealing crushed up toast and fruits. Gross. San Diego? That was huge; this summer was already top 1. Alonzo told them that they only had 1 night there, though, so the faster they left, the more time they had. The boys said they weren’t even hungry anymore and ran upstairs to pack a small bag and change out of the clothes they slept in.

Two minutes later they were standing at the entrance with everything they needed on their backs. The details were, they were going to Uber to a private airport here in Callisto, where they’d catch a flight on Orwell’s private plane, and fly to a private airport in San Diego, where what they needed would be waiting for them. Then they were free to do whatever they wanted.

Just then, Alonzo got a notification saying that their uber was outside. They opened the front door and enjoyed the nice morning air. Jackson and Jonathan started laughing when they saw that their uber was another Chevy Tahoe; Alonzo didn’t play games. They didn’t want to waste another second, though, so they said peace out to Alonzo and hopped in the back seat.

About half an hour into the ride to the airport they heard some strange news over the radio.

“Hey, can you turn the radio up?” Jonathan asked the driver.

“Sure. Why, you haven’t heard?” The driver asked them as he put the volume up a little.

“No, I don’t watch the news. And I haven’t had time to check my phone.”

There are at least 4 dead in this massacre at Galaxy Shopping Center. The 4 madmen, who robbed the Rolex store, are seen wearing animal masks and getting away in an old Jeep Wrangler. Like one you’d see in Jurassic Park. That was the best example I could think of, I’m sorry. What? I know it’s not a joke.”

The radio host began talking to his co-host about sensitivity training. Jonathan pulled his phone out and checked to see pictures. It was a gruesome sight; he showed Jackson the pictures and he shuddered. Jonathan swiped at more pictures, though, and recognized the Jurassic Park type Jeep Wrangler the radio host was talking about; but where had he seen it?

“Don’t ask question’s, remember?” Jackson said.

Then Jonathan’s brain exploded. It was them? It was them

As they rolled into the airport, Jonathan was contemplating what he was just a part of. For the first time since he started, Jonathan wondered whether or not this was the summer he wanted. He helped cause the death of 4 people, and this was only his first week. His heart was beating furiously. He remembered when he was looking for thrills and excitement all the time. Now it was real. He looked outside the tinted windows of the Tahoe and saw the plane they were taking to San Diego and suddenly remembered that he wasn’t a bitch. The driver parked the Tahoe in front of the steps up to the planes door.

Jonathan and Jackson said thanks for the ride, jumped out, and dashed up the stairs with so much excitement. The pilot was standing at the entrance waiting to greet them. He introduced himself as Kuznetsov, clearly Russian, he had an accent, too. He told them the flight would take approximately 6 hours.

The interior of the plane was so luxurious, they felt like true celebrities. There were even the prettiest flight attendants. When the plane took off it felt like they were really in heaven. Their ride consisted of drinks, swishers, video games, and even a little flirting with those flight attendants.

The items they needed to pick up were there waiting for them when they landed. Of course there was a guy keeping watch, too. Jackson and Jonathan went down the steps and gathered up a few bricks, a few bags, and a couple duffle’s. They ran back up and stored them inside the airplane. A special compartment.

With the assignment completed, they were free to roam the most relaxed city in the world; San Diego. Conveniently, Jackson knew someone who lives in San Diego; a cool guy, he said. He told Jonathan that he met him when he went to Houston. So Jackson sent him a friendly text, asking what’s up. Most likely surprised by such a random message, Drew, replied rather fast. After a little back and forth of catching up, Drew told him that there was a party at one of his friends house tonight and he should definitely swing by. Jackson asked about Jonathan and Drew said no doubt.

Now that they had plans, they decided to get off the plane and find a place to stay at for the night. They asked the pilot, Kuznetsov, if he knew of anywhere. He said he didn’t know anywhere, but Jackson got reception back on his phone and saw a text from Alonzo saying that he booked a hotel for them.

Jackson and Jonathan put their bags on their backs, said goodbye to Kuznetsov, and the flight attendants, and left the plane. They didn’t notice how hot and humid it was when they got off the first time, but now they were standing outside, waiting for their uber, sweating, and they were only standing up. Finally, really only 5 minutes later, the uber came and drove them across the beautiful city of San Diego; they enjoyed the scenery of the beaches and the towns and the girls. The Uber dropped them off at the hotel located on one of the beaches. They checked in with no problems, but it wasn’t like they were expecting any. Their room, on the 4th floor, the top floor, don’t get it twisted, had a surreal view of the ocean and the sunset. The room was what you’d expect but much better and bigger. They took turns showering and then relaxed, and enjoyed the air conditioning. They eventually fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later, at the perfect time to leave for that party. Jackson, dressed in the Cactus Jack 4’s, slim blue jeans, a red crewneck with a blue stripe across the chest, and Jonathan, dressed in Supermoon Yeezy’s, black jeans, and an all black loose hoodie, left the hotel and waited on another uber.

In the meantime, Jackson texted Drew and told him they’d be there soon.

“Alright, looks like we’re here,” said the Uber driver. Jackson and Jonathan stepped out and stood up tall under San Diego’s night sky. It was still a lot more hot and humid than they were expecting. “Night, dudes! Don’t be afraid to give me a five star rating!”

As if. They ignored the uber driver because they already gave him 4 stars.

“Alright, they’re expecting us so Drew said we can just go ahead and knock, it’s no big deal,” said Jackson.

“We only have tonight in S.D so let’s do it,” answered Jonathan.

They gave each other a fist bump, headed up the porch, and Jackson knocked, loudly, in a fancy pattern. 

Drew opened the door, with his friend standing behind him. “Hey, Jackson! What’s up, buddy? Come in, come in. This is one of the lads; Luke. It’s his house.”

“Thanks for the invite, this is a nice place,” Jackson and Jonathan walked inside and quickly noticed it was a lot more chaotic than it seemed. “This is my guy Jonathan, he’s kinda cool.” He knew that’d aggravate Jonathan. “I’m just kidding, he’s awesome, too.”

Drew’s friend Luke went to go entertain some more of his guests. Jackson followed Drew to the kitchen, and Jonathan followed behind Jackson. They started the night off with a three peat of shots; that got them going.

There was actually a lot of people jammed inside the house, and eventually Jonathan and Jackson got separated. After another hour of periodically taking shots, Jonathan found himself wandering the house, completely mindless. He was partly trying to find Jackson and partly trying to find a place to sit and focus on staying alive. This was the most drunk he’d ever been, seems like.

On his 50th lap around the house, he passed the living room and, this time, spotted a glaring spot on the couch, right beside this cute girl. Once again, completely mindless, Jonathan walked over.


“What the hell did you say, guy?” The girl said.

Jonathan tried to take a deep breath. “Hey…. Is this seat.. taken?”

“Oh, no, dude, go ahead, you seem like you’re in dire need of rest.”

Jonathan only smiled and then slouched down onto the couch. Now that he was finally able to relax comfortably, and beside this girl, his mind became clearer. He was still drunk, but he felt safe.

“Hey, I’m Jonathan. My bad, I’m really intoxicated.”

The girl looked at him and smiled, “It’s okay, you’re not the only one. I was, but I’m pretty sober now. I’m Van, nice to meet you.”

“Hey, Van, I’m Jonathan, nice to meet you, too.”

Van laughed but Jonathan was unaware that he introduced himself twice.

“Are you from around here?”

“Yeah, born and raised in San Diego. I know, I know, I’m lucky. Where are you from?” Asked Van.

“Callisto; it’s a state around New York.”

“There’s no such thing as a State named Callisto.”

“Well, we were a part of New York but you could say we’re independent now. So you wouldn’t know. It’s a pretty random place, though. Not much to do, and random stuff always happens, but it’s never a problem, and things always work out.”

Just then, his conversation was rudely interrupted.

“You’re from Callisto?”

When Jonathan entered the living room, he noticed the cute girl of course, but he had no idea of the guy sitting in a rocking chair beside him. Being pretty drunk and all, he was kind of startled.

“Don’t scare me like that, man. But yeah, you heard correctly, you interrupting eavesdropper, I’m from Callisto.” He was truly salty about that interruption; the alcohol gave him the courage to say that, though.

“Wow, relax, bro. Anyways, do you know Alonzo by any chance?”

That got Jonathan tripped out, he looked around the room and saw Jackson walking around with a girl of his own. Who was this guy asking about Alonzo? He paused to think of how he should handle this situation.

“Yeah, I do know Alonzo, how do you know Alonzo?”

“I did some work for him in the past.”

Now Jonathan was really intrigued. “What kind of work did you do?”

“Oh, now who’s asking questions. Are you close with Alonzo?”

Jonathan’s heart was starting to speed up. He shook his head, no, lying, dying to get to the bottom of this.

“He wanted me to rob houses with him, but I didn’t want to, so I just found the houses, scoped them out days before, and let him know. He found someone else to do it with.”

Jonathan was very confused and he was trying to do mental math in his head. Right now, he only had one number for his equation.

“Did you guys break into any houses around February, like after the Super Bowl.”

The dude seemed like he was straining himself to remember. “Yes, we did.”

That was all Jonathan needed to hear to work out the rest of his equation. 

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