A Review of VENOM


I didn’t know much about ‘Venom’ prior to watching it so I didn’t know what to expect from the movie, but when I saw that a favorite actor of mine, Tom Hardy, was going to be the main character, Eddie Brock, I figured it was going to be at least an 8.5/10. Before I watched it I saw reviews saying it was a huge let down, but I also saw some reviews saying that it was a good movie. I expected it to be dark, tense, and also have a whole lot of violence, just based on the kind of hero that Venom is. I was excited to watch it but due to a lack of time, I couldn’t watch it the same day it was released but yesterday I was finally able to go to a matinee.

‘Venom’ takes place in San Fransisco, California and follows the life of Eddie Brock, a well known investigative reporter. He lives a seemingly easy going life, he is financially stable, he has a fiancé, and they were planning to get married. Brock’s boss asks him to interview one of the most powerful men in the world, Carlton Drake, who, on the outside, looks like a decent man but Brock knows that Drake is hiding evil things. Brock reluctantly agrees to interview Drake, though, but uses it as a chance to expose him, which leads to Brock to be fired from his job, lose his fiancé, and be down on life in general. Until someone on the inside gives Brock a look inside Drake’s laboratory, where something happens and Eddie Brock gets ‘infected’ by a ‘parasite’.

Now I’ll say this: I was really tired during the first 5 minutes of ‘Venom’, and I thought I was going to fall asleep but it kept me interested enough to fight sleep and stay awake.

‘Venom’ didn’t let me down like the reviews said it would, but it wasn’t that good either. ‘Venom’ wasn’t nearly as dark or as tense as I was expecting it to be. For example, al though ‘The Dark Knight’ is the best superhero movie ever, a movie like ‘Venom’ could try to be somewhat dark and tense like ‘The Dark Knight’ was. It wasn’t. ‘Venom’ was more action packed and violent and included a few funny scenes, too, but it was mostly Eddie acting silly after he was infected because he didn’t know how to control it. It wasn’t actually funny, or clever funny, like ‘Deadpool’ for example. I know I’m probably making the movie sound bad but it wasn’t bad, like I said, it just wasn’t that good.

I felt that ‘Venom’ didn’t have much of a plot, either. I feel like the movie, before Brock got infected, was going in a way where it would dive into themes like morality, and mental health but it brushed over them and just made it have loads of action and violence. The fight scenes took forever, even though they were cool visually, then the characters would get into some dialogue, then there would be more fight scenes. I’m just glad those scenes were exciting. I also thought the villain in ‘Venom’ was unoriginal because it was like ‘Black Panther’ in a way where there were two ‘types’ of Venoms; one good and one bad just like there were two Black Panthers: the good, T’Challa and the villain Killmonger. Unlike ‘Venom’, though, ‘Black Panther’ was much more emotional and deep.

I can’t really say the writing in the movie was good because there wasn’t much useful dialogue, but other than that I’d say it was well done, as far as camera work and score go, but it wasn’t spectacular, and, as usual, could’ve been better. As you read in my synopsis, ‘Venom’ is one of those movies that could easily be spoiled in a synopsis if you don’t know where to stop. It’s not a movie you have to worry about being spoiled, anyways, because there aren’t any mind bending twists or an unexpected ending.

Tom Hardy, who played Eddie Brock, and voiced Venom, and Riz Ahmed, who played Carlton Drake are terrific actors who have done movies way better than Venom, and the producers, writers, or director Ruben Fleischer could’ve made the movie suit Hardy’s and Ahmed’s talents because they have done some dark, tense acting jobs in the past. None the less, I’d rate Venom a 6.9/10 and I wouldn’t pay to watch it again unless I had to but I’d watch it again whenever it goes on Netflix.

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