The President of G.O.O.D Music is up first in the line of G.O.O.D artists to drop their albums in the weeks ahead (Kanye, Kanye & Cudi, Nas, Teyana Taylor). That opening statement doesn't show my level of excitement for these next few weeks. Pusha T had a name for this album a long time ago... Continue Reading →


The first Deadpool movie was pretty great but I only bothered to watch it once, and I fell asleep when I tried to rewatch it. As far as superhero's go, Deadpool isn't my favorite one, and his sense of humor isn't really my type, even though the movie was hilarious. I'd say I was relatively... Continue Reading →


I'm not too sure why I didn't prebook my tickets to watch Infinity War on the same day it came out. I guess I only prebook tickets for movies I'm dying to see; like Black Panther. I was looking forward to watching Infinity War, though. I just wasn't in a rush. The problem was that I was starting... Continue Reading →

J Cole’s KOD Review

Everyone seems to lose their minds whenever I tell them that I don't like J. Cole. From their reactions, you'd think he was hip hop's Jesus. I've listened to his past albums Cole World: The Sideline Story and Born Sinner and I didn't like them, and because of that I had no interest in listening to the... Continue Reading →


I felt like I didn't want to waste my time watching 'Ready Player One' because I already read the book, and from what I saw in the advertisements and the trailer, it looked like it was going to suck. I watched it, though, because I had nothing to do on Easter Monday. I also wanted... Continue Reading →


Space, travelling through galaxies and dimensions, tesseracts, the universe; all the astronomy topics have always interested me. (I'm not saying I'm good at physics, though; it's pretty much rocket science to me). A Wrinkle In Time was being promoted a lot during the Black Panther pre-preview ads that play on the screen to kill time before... Continue Reading →


Sunday morning I was enjoying the beginning of the last day of March Break: imagining summer, exploring Apple Music, looking for new music. I played the first song off Lil Yachty's album and didn't like it. I wasn't surprised. I played the first song off XXXTentacion's album and also didn't like it. That didn't surprise... Continue Reading →


It's always great to hear music from artists I haven't listened to before. Of course, I've heard of Nipsey Hussle, but when people talked about him, they weren't talking much about his raps; they were talking about what he does outside the studio. They made it seem like he was more gangsta than rapper. I... Continue Reading →

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