Sunday morning I was enjoying the beginning of the last day of March Break: imagining summer, exploring Apple Music, looking for new music. I played the first song off Lil Yachty’s album and didn’t like it. I wasn’t surprised. I played the first song off XXXTentacion’s album and also didn’t like it. That didn’t surprise me, either … I heard that Logic released a mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, last week but I never payed it any mind because I never really listened to him. To be honest, I could never finish a whole song by Logic, let alone a whole mixtape or album. Even though I was never into his music, I knew about him; I knew he rapped about important subjects, that he always mentions he’s mixed race, and that bomber jacket with the NASA patch he used to always wear was fire. I first heard Logic a few years ago and I didn’t like the song I heard; it reminded me of J Cole, whom I do not listen to. With that being said, I decided to give Bobby Tarantino II a chance, at least, because I might as well; I was looking for new music.

It was already good to see that Bobby Tarantino II had 13 tracks and was only 44 minutes long.

Logic opens Bobby Tarantino II with a fun skit using Rick and Morty from the T.V show Rick and Morty. In the skit Rick and Morty are having a conversation about what Logic album they should play, they say that there’s different types of Logic albums or mixtapes to play, depending on what mood you’re in. Rick wanted to play trap, mixtape sounding Logic, and Morty wanted to play the conscious, album sounding Logic. In the end they agreed to play the Logic that was both trap and conscious: Bobby Tarantino.

The first song ‘Overnight’ has an upbeat, techno sound and is fun to listen to. On ‘Overnight’ Logic raps about how the masses think that all his success and fame happened overnight but that isn’t the case at all. Logic tells us what he did, and how he did it, in order to get to the position he’s in now. He says he stayed being a good person and he stayed true to himself; and that’s what matters. After not being able to get through the first few Logic songs I’ve heard, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked ‘Overnight’. I definitely played the rest of the mixtape.

Logic continues to rap over trap style beats on the second track ‘Contra’. He also continues the theme of the fact that he worked hard to make it. No one was rating him back in the day but now that he’s making big moves everyone is f***ing with him. Those bandwagoners (even though I might be in that category). But the only way that happened was through hard work. After the first two tracks Logic had my attention, and I was looking forward to listening to more.

The rest of Bobby Tarantino II sounds similar to the first couple songs. Logic really spits heat, uses different, dirty flows over ‘trap’ beats. I put trap in quotes because that’s what it sounds like but the production on the album is incredible; the switches, tones, drums, all the aspects of the beats Logic chose are genius. The only track where he changes from the hard hitting, arrogant tone of the tape is on ‘Indica Badu’, a song about the magic ‘erb featuring who else but Wiz Khalifa. As I’m sure you can imagine, this song is laid back as hell. This precision with making music is proof that Logic certainly isn’t all talk. He really does work hard to make sure he will be putting out the best quality music that he can. He isn’t lying or boasting when he says he’s one of the best in the game, he is just under rated, or was relatively not that popular. But in this day and age, most people listen to hype, turnt up, club sounding music and Bobby Tarantino II is just that, but unlike actual ‘trap’ artists, Logic is rapping facts, which makes it even better. For me at least.

Besides Wiz Khalifa being featured on ‘Indica Badu’, 2 Chainz is featured on ‘State of Emergency’ and Big Sean is featured on ‘Wassup’. Both rappers do well on their verses but they do not outshine Logic. On all 3 tracks with features, Logic has the last and the longest verse. On one of the songs called ‘Warm It Up’ there is a feature labeled Young Sinatra but I learned that was Logic’s rap alter ego.

If Bobby Tarantino II is the mixtape Logic that Rick was talking about in the beginning then I think I like it. Logic is a hard working, talented artist who has earned the right to talk trash in his raps. This mixtape will be sounding great this summer. I’d rate it a 8/10, and I’d play it a lot more times, too. I’m not a big fan of Logic but I respect him and I’m glad I was finally able to get through one of his projects. I understand the hype.



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