Space, travelling through galaxies and dimensions, tesseracts, the universe; all the astronomy topics have always interested me. (I’m not saying I’m good at physics, though; it’s pretty much rocket science to me). A Wrinkle In Time was being promoted a lot during the Black Panther pre-preview ads that play on the screen to kill time before the movie starts, and I thought it looked interesting, obviously, because those promos showed hints of what A Wrinkle In Time would be about and I saw all those astronomy topics that have always interested me. I didn’t think I’d actually watch it, though, because the main characters were little kids and I figured it would be stupid but it was always in the back of my mind to watch. I came home one day and my sister demanded that I watch it. Yesterday, I had an annoying headache in the morning so I called in sick to work, but I was hoping to feel better and still not go to work. When the afternoon came, I was feeling better and I wasn’t about going to work so I decided to go to a matinee.

A Wrinkle In Time is about a quiet, lonesome, unpopular, young girl named Meg whose father has been missing somewhere in the universe for four years. Meg hasn’t given up hope that her father is still alive but unsure what she could do, she just accepts that he’s not coming back. One night she is visited by a woman / Being from a different galaxy named Mrs. Whats-It and she tells Meg how she might find her father. Meg is skeptical at first, but goes on the journey, joined by her 6 year old brother Charles Wallace, her classmate Calvin, and Mrs. Whats-It and her two friends Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who.

I left the movie theatre 100% more than satisfied with A Wrinkle In Time. I was genuinely happy I watched it. The story was very creative and kept me interested from start to finish. The art of the whole movie looked stunning, too, for example: the characters are on different planets and those planets looked like they were designed by elementary school children. The imagination required to make this movie is no joke. There were also a ton of important messages in the movie, just like most ‘kids’ movies, but I think A Wrinkle In Time was tops as far as messages go. (Zootopia and Inside Out are also great, too). They were teaching kids to be themselves, to embrace their faults, to learn who they are, and that in life there will be challenges from other people or events but what will matter is how you react to them. A Wrinkle In Time reminded me of one of my favorite books: ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Suess. I read it whenever I need motivation or inspiration, or when I’m feeling worried or anxious about life. I felt like when the other characters were talking to Meg, they were really talking to me, and even though I’ve been hearing folks say ‘be yourself’ for my whole life, it really started sinking in this year and so A Wrinkle In Time came out at the perfect time. I watched it at the perfect time. I’m someone who believes everything happens for a reason and everything in life led up to how it is now. And how it is now will lead up to how it will be in the future. I know people always say that, but really take the time to think about what it means.

A problem with A Wrinkle In Time is that even though the story was good, the writing could’ve been better. It’s just a family movie aimed at kids and they won’t notice it, but I’m just saying. I can understand why it hasn’t been getting high ratings in reviews, too, because movies like that usually don’t get high ratings. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a good movie. I didn’t have any problems with it, really.

A Wrinkle In Time is a truly an excellent movie. It’s emotional, inspirational, creative, clever, and funny. It stars Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Chris Pine and it was directed by a talented black woman named Ava DuVernay. It’s tough for me to rate A Wrinkle In Time because I loved it but at the same time I can see why it got low ratings.

I’d give it a 6.5, but personally, I’d give it a straight 10.

I hope it goes on Netflix so I can watch it again.



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